Mikołaj Kopernik. Picture: Päivi Laine.

Knowledge and Virtue: Plato taught that knowledge and virtue are combined in a true soul and should not be parted. It’s also a must for a human being to be grander than his or her destiny, said one Russian writer. I believe that virtue should guide the people and the more so as national policy makers with their ideologies and religions all too often commit violence which creates nothing but misery. As it seems that one can help the whole world in one hit very rarely, the most important thing is to support your family members, friends and world fellows close to you.

Other worlds: To make the world better is a principle value and obligation in a world where there are humans with their feelings, emotions, and understanding. This is my view; it arises from the way one sees the world and how the life and being are respected. One shouldn’t act too egoistic and narrow-minded.
     Environment and wild life: Small steps count. If Westerners cut their shower in half every other day or if they would walk three more kilometres in a day (instead of driving), life would be cheaper and the burden on the environment would be lessened. Yes, there are further steps …
    Food & Drink: After my family & friends and in addition to newspapers & books this is my loveliest hobby. Yet often they are combined in one way or other. Among the vices I admit to have are restaurants, cafés, port and sherry.
    Moments of the day: Dusk in the evening when darkness enters, dawn in the morning when it disappears, in between the other worlds not soured by the daylight. Day and night overlap also when your mind stays in a night mode regardless of the office time chores.